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Thread: No file sharing works at my college, is there anything I can do?

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    I apologize if this is asked a lot, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do about this problem of mine. KaZaA, Limewire, and BitComet (etc etc etc)does not work at my college, but there has to be some way around it. Anyone?

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    yeah, one of my buddies is having this problem too. i havn't got a chance to see if i can get around it for him, but what would you reccomend?

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    well that's normal...see if you can change the port you use to the time-port 37..they cant really block that one now can they You do of course take the serious risk of being expelled if caught. There are these days special cheaper adsl connections especially for students... Maybe they have them in your country too.

    If you wish an "opennap" file sharing the website link in my sig...

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    Like he said, do you really want to risk getting thrown out of college and possibly having your career ruined just so you can download some files? The fact that they have blocked you doing it is a bit of a clue that they really dont want it happening.

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    You can try using ports other than the default filesharing ports.. You can try proxy or tunneling.. (although you probably will get lower speeds if you do the latter two options).

    But as stated above, you probably will get expelled if caught. My suggestion is to get an apartment and sign up for some DSL.
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    you can get a virtual server and then dl it to ur computer encrypted

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucasthx View Post
    you can get a virtual server and then dl it to ur computer encrypted
    This threads a little old for you to be bumping it, but since you did, I think someone (more knowledgeable than myself) should write a guide on how to download while attending a college/university.

    Call it 'The Cure For The Common University'.

    The FST group

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    do not do it, u will get kicked out if u get caught. college's block student from downloading movies, songs etc because the run the risk of getting sued. trust me its not worth it. just wait till u get home or get an off campus housing.


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