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Thread: Problem with sent and receive packets

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    Hey guys!

    I do HOPE someone can help me with this..
    Its been a while that i have this problem but i kept ignoring it since i thought it was nothing!
    The problem is goes like this:

    In local Area Connection Even if i do nothing on my pc the Sent packets are always more than the received most of the times! When i even try to get on the Internet the Sent Packets are increasing rapidly while receved no.

    When i download something the at the end of the day i'll have about a million sent packages but only 600,000 of received!
    Has anyone had this problem before?
    Do you guys have any idea what could casing this and how can i solved??

    Btw i have Scanned my pc for viruses/trojans/worms/spywares/adwares etc and i'm clean!

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    Why is this a problem?

    Just looked at my stats, received packets = 1.4 billion, sent packets = 4.1 billion. There's nothing wrong with my connection.

    A simple example of what happens:

    Send: request block of data
    Receive: receive requested block
    Send: send acknowledgement

    You don't get an acknowledgement of your acknowledgement so your count of sent packets is higher.
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    Alright... so there is nothing wrong?! Good! Thx for the info! Thought it was more serious than that!


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