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Thread: Deltaforce Bhd Multiplayer Problem

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    hello poeple, well its basically playing multiplayer, but says pings are above maximun allowed for this server, i can play like for either 2mins or 10mins, but always says that whats that about ???



    BTW- i am on Broadband

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    any1 please ?

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    thats a simple one, the server u are connecting to has a ping limit. And ur pinging above it so it kicks u out of the server. So just find another server to connect to in where ur ping will be decent. U have broadband but ur prolly connecting to a euro server or a server far away from were ur at.

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    Just like to slip this in while on the subject of pings

    The reason why most people are getting bad pings and getting kicked of the servers is it is noverlogic SERVERS u know the shit ones that were used for commance games thats why even people on broardband get pings in the 200 range there is nothing that will stop that

    Try creating your own server and limit it to 6 people your ping should be around 60 - 100 then m8e



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