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Thread: Newzbin V3 Public Preview

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    Newzbin V3 has now been released as an open preview. It's not finished, and there are bits missing.

    Known/outstanding issues:

    * Safari renders the Account homepage completely incorrectly
    * Watchdog & Daily Summary are not in v3 at all
    * Some of the templates and styling have a few sharp edges and need refining
    * There is literally no documentation for v3 - you have to figure it out, or don't use it yet

    There are still items on the todo list, but other than Watchdog/Daily Summary, none of them are considered release critical. Post feedback and bug reports here, I'll update the above list as more items become known to us.

    Have fun.

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    Do you know if the design is final? it looks pretty sparse to me.

    I love newzbin, I've been on there for over a year. A great value for the $.


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