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Thread: 'Eragon'...has someone read this book?

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    worldpease's Avatar always annoying
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    Jul 2004
    Tj Mexico
    I've been hearing some good reviews about this book,
    and here in Mexico (along with its sequel), is among the top ten best sellers.
    So I want to know if someone has read it?,
    you know, a personal opinion or recomendation. Cus Im considering geting the audio book.

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    Witch King of Angmar
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    Mar 2006
    Yes I have read the book and its sequel, Eldest. They are both great books. The sequel may seem slow to start off but it is great book. A movie version of Eragon is this year I think.

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    I've read Eragon and am currently reading Eldest. I'm guessing that the movies will be the new lotr. Anyways both are great, or at least what I've read so far in Eldest is. I'd reccomend them to anyone.

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    I've read both Eragon and Eldest.....wasnt really impressed. The ideas just didnt seem original very LOTR......but i guess most fantasy novels are very LOTR .

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    I listened to both Eragon and Eledest on audiobooks. I enoyed them but then, I like fantasy novels.

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    I'm just awaiting the final one.

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    The book didnt really appeal to me, returned it to library got bored of reading it.

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    my sister read it and she loved it.


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