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Thread: Transferring large files (DVD size)

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    Hello all. I've been downloading a large drum sample set, which consists of 5 files all about 3GB in size, using Shareaza.
    I've just about finished getting them but I've also had a couple of people regularly connecting to me to get them and, being a kind soul, wanted to help them avoid all the hassle and waiting like I had.
    Is there any way of transferring them without all the queueing etc?
    I suppose I could use ftp but I'm a bit worried about the idea of giving someone access to my pc since I don't have a remote server I can use.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this in a secure/easy way, or know of any programs I can use?

    Thanks everyone.

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    newsgroups is the best way.

    you upload with max speed. and everyone can download it with their max. download speed

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    Thanks for that. So do I need to register with a news server and get any particular software? I've only ever bothered with Google groups - anything else has always seemed a bit of a hassle.
    Thanks again.

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    newsgroups and torrents usually have good constant speeds, but it is sometimes harder to find rare stuff.

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    But say, for example, that I'm only interested in sharing it with this one person (don't worry, I'm not that mean). I'm having to fanny about uploading it to a group and then he's fannying around downloading it.
    Is there a way I can send files this large directly to him?


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