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Thread: Why is my upload rate being so poor?

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    I created three new torrents with bitlord to get my upload rate up and running on Demonoid.

    I currently have a leech connected on each of the torrents I am seeding. Now for some reason each time they connect their download rate will go up to anywhere between 3 - 10 kbs, stop, then slowly decrease until it completely dissapears. There will be no upload rate for about 20 seconds then the same thing will happen again.

    I have never had this problem with a file that i've downloaded and left it to upload for others before. But this is the first time i've started seeding my own torrents. I normally get steady upload rates of 15 - 40kb/s.

    Can anybody shed some light on the situation?


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    it's reading 0% health on each of the files too, i'm not sure if this is because it's me seeding or what.

    Sorry for sounding a noob, i just want to share my files with others.

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    download NetworkTrafficMonitor and check if your upload is high when you download, maybe you have some spyware or something that uploads to much and there is not enough left for your torrent client.

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    ok I will try that but each time i start up the Rome torrent i had downloaded previously i get an instant / steady upload rate of 30 kb/s.

    Could it be the peers own poor connections to my files? I'm watching the files and when the upload stops at a certain rate the peer i was uploading to just disspapears and the connection changes from uploading to "however many peers" to Upload Rate: "whatever"kb/s to 0 peers and thus steadily decreases and vanishes completely.

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    maybe no one is leeching from you...

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    ok really strange, after much hassle i decided to install utorrent and see if it would work better seeding from there. I installed the latest Java clients to run the speed check. Once my utorrent config was sorted i attempted to open the torrent i was seeding on Demonoid, however it just downloaded rather than uploaded.

    So i re opened bitlord, started off the files from there again and now everything is working smoothly? don't really know what happened but everything is now uploading great.

    thanks for the help anyway.


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