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Thread: Battlefield 1942 Problem

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    i'm pissed off because i downloaded battlefield 1942 from verified downlloads but cd1 seems to be corrupted. I repaired it with CDmage but only a few parts could be repaired, for the left errors, I rebuilt the sector. (question: does rebuilding sectors repair the corrupted file?) Then I installed the game and during the installation, there was a problem with the sound.rfa and I ignored it. Now, when I play there is no sound, but there is still music in the menu. What should I do to solve this problem? could someone give me the real size of the sound.rfa file? help me plz... its annoying.

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    yeah gl there bud, dont use kazaa to download games they always come corrupt, and thats a well known error with all the rips of bf1942. U could try and find that sound.rfa but u never will. That and the only servers u'll be connecting to with the rip is cracked servers which suck, so i just suggest u go out and buy the game, its totally worth it, and u wont have as half as many problems as u will with the rips.


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