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Thread: America's Army

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    Hey guys,
    I d/l America's army and I played it single player.. But I heard that it's one hell of a game online.. Unfortuanltly I can't play it because it says I need a S/N and I know that all the S/N's on the web are pretty mutch used... SO any Ideas ???

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    ok, I'm confused. America's army from is only online and there's no one player and its a free game and there's no need what so ever for any serial cd\serial or anything. You sure you talking about the right game?

    It's a great game, Im on it nearly all the time.

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    Well THe whole thing is that I got the game on CD actually, a Cd that came from a middle eastern country and it has practice missions in it, and when I try to play online it says that you need to register the game to play online...

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    uhh i would download it if i was u i think

    if that isnt right do a google because this game is free

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    Well I think I will download it now, coz I herd alot about it and I wanna play it really bad...
    By the way what do you think about it ?

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    I wouldnt bother the game is poor, play counterstrike instead

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    yeah dl it

    and u have to register it, so u can get a password and all, but registry is free

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    I will Dl it thanks
    I wouldnt bother the game is poor, play counterstrike instead
    Well how can you play it online if you download it? If you're trying to sya that I should buy, I don't really have the money right now.. SO do you know any way I can play it online without buying it ????

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    You dont have to pay for it, get it at ur nearest recruiting office, you need to register at the army website wit a name and password to play and save ur gameplay.

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    that game is jus the goverment (army) trying to incourage us to join the army (WHY U THINK ITS FREE) QUOTE"AMERICAS ARMY" THAT THE ONLY REASON
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