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Thread: Theplace.Bz using your passwords! Whatchout!

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    This is a conversation between 2 mods at and a user:
    [11:14] <MP5> How do the donators in theplace get their money back??
    [11:15] <@RenesisAFK> MP5: You want to quit? We can refund you if you want to quit and lose your account on
    [11:15] <MP5> I just know some1 who got kicked from the place
    [11:15] <MP5> and he donated
    [11:16] <@RenesisAFK> MP5: OK, can he get on IRC and talk to us?
    [11:16] <MP5> ok
    [11:16] <@RenesisAFK> MP5: If he deletes his account then he is welcome back.
    [11:16] <@RenesisAFK> We're decent guys.
    [11:16] <Jait> trying to trick us though.. will result in a permanant ban
    [11:17] <MP5> does one do that?? I mean when the account gets deleted over there, is there like a confirmation id or something??
    [11:17] <Jait> the accounts neever get deleted
    [11:17] <Jait> they just get disabled
    [11:17] <Jait> so all the records stay in the db (he was talking about accounts. and yes, YOUR PASSWORDS TOO stays in the db!)
    [11:17] <Jait> so we dont invite ppl that we banned
    [11:18] <Netghost> i think he means accounts deleted "there"
    [11:18] <MP5> what proof needs to be presented
    11:18] <Jait> proof?
    [11:18] <Jait> for what?
    [11:18] <MP5> that the accounts deleted there
    [11:18] <Jait> aa dont worry
    [11:18] <@RenesisAFK> We can organise that.
    [11:18] <Jait> we 'll find out
    [11:18] <@RenesisAFK> Don't worry about it.
    [11:18] <MP5> alright
    [11:18] <@RenesisAFK> We're the all-seeing eye.
    [11:18] <Jait> we ll also find out if sm makes a new one
    [11:18] <@RenesisAFK> Like the pyramid on the back of a $1 bill.
    [11:19] <Jait> and have already
    [11:19] <@RenesisAFK> Yeah, several times today people have tried to trick us.
    [11:19] <@RenesisAFK> They've tried very hard.
    [11:19] <Jait> mps
    [11:19] <Jait> u dont really belong here
    [11:19] <Jait> y r u here?
    [11:20] <MP5> Im the guy who got kicked coz Im a dual member

    [11:22] <Jait> nick on our site : jbristow
    [11:22] <@RenesisAFK> MP5: Your shitty Borg avatar.
    [11:22] <Jait> u can check him out
    [11:22] <@RenesisAFK> jbristow. Password "seducer"
    [11:23] <MP5> Hmmmm tnx for the info...
    [11:23] <@RenesisAFK> MP5: You're a fucking retard my friend.
    [11:23] <MP5> thats all I needed to know
    [11:23] <Netghost> ren: was that really necessary? password?
    [11:23] <Jait> ren i think that is enough

    We have all the proof here.
    As you can see they store the passwords unencrypted in the database, and might use it on other sites (probably already did, but kept low so you don't notice) like BitME, Emporium.
    That means that your passwords are stored as plain text in their database! They've been accusing of doing such (without any proof), while it was really just a scheme to get the light off them. (as a reminder, password stored in SeductionGR.COM database are ecrypted and NOONE - not even the SysOP - can see them!)
    whatever they might respond to this will be a set of lies, so don't be fooled by some kids (it's totally obvious that Renesis is a 17 year old kid who doesn't have much of a life). I'm amazed at how manly people got fooled by a bunch of kids who somehow got to be moderators at theplace, and probably will always be under the impression that they're trustworthy.

    For the recored: Theplace guys have done some 'dirty work' and made users think it was that did that. (eg: flooding some BitME channels, using member's passwords etc). We have cleared things up with BitME and they have evidence to support that theplace guys are responsible of those things.

    I'm sure that you'll be wiser than some and not trust whatever roomer they might propagate. Think for yourselves guys, don't let some virtual characters (kids with internet connections) restrict your options of being a member elsewhere! it's just further proof of their childish scarcity mentality! who would wanna be a member of a site that restricts them from accessing whatever other site they want.
    the world is yours and you're free to do whatever you wish, don't let anyone make restrictions in it!!!

    You should also know that they've been killing people off that didnt agree to them. Whether those members wanted to practice free choice in joining whatever tracker they wished, they got instant ban. Anyone that has studied history knows that's exactly what the facist/communist systems did. Those who did not agree with them were be oppressed and killed. (in this case banned - even members that donated to the site got banned!). Beware of this behavoiur and don't let yourself be rulled by some facist minded kids! The lack of maturity and their methods are a sure sign of weakness and insecurity. always approached them with a friendly attitude and a desire to cooperate because both have the same poropuse: helping its members become the best they can be and get all the women they want. It is a community dedicated to help its members evolve! For some reason (i'm going to let you judge this for yourself) mods took as a threat and even an ennemy and kept spreading false and crazy roomers about it, and the pitiful thing is that the ignorance of some members from theplace lead them to actually trust the mods and 'eat up' the false roomers they kept spreading!!! I trust you will think for yourself and will never buy into anyone's roomers!

    My suggestion to everyone is that they use a different pass on every site they register an account. It's hard to find people that are trust-worthy, and theplace kids are definetly NOT!
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    theres nothing wrong with them not wanting u to be a member on
    it totally copied them, and tried to make out it was some sort of replacement.
    i mean come on..... and
    couldnt they be a little more inventive

    as for the password thing.
    is it really that bad that site admins can access their own database? its not like they have it open to the public to view.
    granted, they shouldnt be pasting passwords of users in the irc channel for all to see.

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    Lol... btw just so u know the guy who started that thread is the sysop of The converstation that he 'pasted' did take place, but he did alter it and did cut off the peaces so to make it seem that are the bad guys.... frankly i dont really care, since is already a very strong community.... we dont really need more users....

    But to clear things up, most of the accusations that the post is refering to are things that did and we do have proof on that.... its just that we re not going to drop to their level in order to prove that to u..... They do store all the passwords in their db unencrypted, login to bitme with a lot of accounts and post bs, post lies all arond the web, just so they can increase their userbase, get more money from donations and buy 0 products with that money (they prefer to steal torrents instead - but they cant do that now, so they resorted to posting shit about us(....

    btw as i mentioned, we tried to make a deal with them, and even allowed their sysop to have an account on, but all he did was copy us, steal our torrents, and post bs in the forums, so we had to disable him.... he then put forward the admins of to use proxies to try to brute force accounts in order to d/w the newest exclusives that we had - which offcourse failed. Additionally, those ppl have nothing better to do, and they come on the IRC channel and flood it in an attempt to advertise themselves (same thing as here)

    I would recommend anyone reading this, not to register an account with (and if u do, plz use a new email account and a new password that isnt being used anywhere else)... Due to these actions we were forced to ban dual membership from our site, so if u want to join (the real replacement for real= all the mods of are there as well as all the community) i would suggest u dont sign up there...

    the choice is urs.... this is all the truth u need to know, to make a decision.... take care ( i m not going to post again - whatever that guy says is bs - he's not worth my time really)

    btw that md5 guy isnt a user of - he is evolver or evolution - an admin of coming into the channel and spying on us.... we already knew that... the password that we posted was not taken from our db since that is impossible (since we dont log the passwords).... it was just a random pass that we chose in order to confuse them.....

    btw2: blood (or mrsexoss or admin (thats how he calls himself)) came in our IRC channel using all caps in order to announce his wonderful achievement (his tracker)... offcourse the admins saw that as a threat for the first 5 min... but after that we realized that is no match for us (nor in content nor mentality); they are just a bunch of unorganized kids - and the post that he posted is enough proof of that i think
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    the staff (im guessing its the staff) have constantly been spamming their site over and over on here, saying its the replacement site for
    each time i've corrected them, and stated that is in no way affiliated with
    they then changed their word to say its "a" replacement site, and not "the" replacement site.

    either way, if they cant be inventive enough to come up with an original url, and not ripping the pants off of another 1, then that doesnt say much about them.

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    * nvm

    - the tracker was created before ever knowing of another project's existance (the place), and it's porpouse - which it had fullfilled - was to pick back up where left - hence the name. No ripping of pants was involved in the process

    (to Jaits)

    it doesn't matter anyway. Can't imagine how your lies could ever be swallowen up by anyone other then a complete ignorant
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    no ripping of pants involved?
    they have the same content, and an identicle site name
    hows that not ripping? stated quite soon after it closed it it will return, and indeed it has
    its only a matter of time before any rip off site fades away. enjoy it while it lasts

  7. BitTorrent   -   #7 has never returned, and never stated that it shall return. The only owner is Tranceformer, and he has been missing for a few months now.

    theplace guys are NOT officially the new becasue only Tranceformer could say that. they are as official as is.
    All the "copywrights" are in Tranceformer's hands. so please no further bullshit about who's official or now. we're both unofficial, both have nothing to do with, because had its database lost and its owner dissappeared.

    The argument that theplace is the official new is just marketing/advertising. As i've said, only Tranceformer could state that - which he never has and never will!

    there was no ripping of pants. It's as simple as this: picked up where left.
    in parallel there was another tracker also creted by some members, who proved to be imature in their choices and in their attitude towards the whole community. Say what you wish, the truth is that whatever anyone says is just advertising. The content is only a distraction from that. Might as well ignore it

    PS: you must be a theplace member, that expalins the fact that you defend them. (don't lie, i know you are )

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    Jul 2005
    actually, i've never been a member of either.
    going by what i've read on forums and irc channels.
    the majority seem to go with the notion that theplace is the replacement for

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    well they've spent more time advertising. We spet alot of time improving and putting new mods up, so users on our site love everything about it - which they do.

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