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Thread: Help! I Cant Play A Certain Video File!

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    Hey! ok down to the point, i just downloaded Star Wars EPII CD1 and when i go to play it it sayd that it cant find a decoder! ..umm so what other decoders do i need that i might not have..umm i dont know exactly what decoders i have but i know i have somthing called a "Nemo codec" or somthing like that, so little help

    Is there somthing els that i might need to play this? if so please tell me

    K, Thanx Bye!

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    d/l and install GSPOT if you click file and open a movie file it prossesses it and tells you what video or audio codes you will need to watch it

    good luck

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    Ok i just downloaded that thing you told me, and processed teh video and i already downloaded the codec it wanted me to download, but now i cant here any sound all i get is the video

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    Nimo Pack is crap and will install unnecessary codecs and filters to your computer and then you will not be able too watch some movies.
    Just download the codecs you need separatly or download K-Lite Codec Pack (search for it in google) which is a good option too but uninstall ALL your old one first.

    And the sound,I think itīs an AC3 so download this AC3 codec or if you are gonna install K-Lite Codec Pack,then the AC3 codec is included too.


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