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Thread: bwtorrents is open

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    raspberry1331's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +2
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    Apr 2006
    well, after the unsuccesful bitmetv stuff now bwtorrents is open, too. you have to pass a quiz, but since there are finitely many questions and as many retry u want, with some patience u can get in.

    EDIT: right, it is closed again.
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    Hi, i cant find where this quiz link is, i went 2 register but it still only has all the old stuff, please post link to part of site were i can register thru the quiz.... thanks

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    YoDDly's Avatar Dj Yee Yee
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    Mar 2006
    ye man.. pls give the site!

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    your not getting there without an invite or you become a donator.

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    There are no registrations currently open. You either need an invite or donate or need to convince the mods that u are a good ripper with a high BW connection.

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    i m already member of bwtorrents.

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    snowprince's Avatar Animation Collector
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    Apr 2006
    In The Dreams
    hey guys, the quiz sure is there. But it's there only for half hour or an hour or so, in a day, no fixed time. Rest of the time, it's the same message saying it couldn't find an invite. Keep trying now and then. You will get in. Me and atleast five of my friends have got in. We had no invites.
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    but how ?
    if your answer is not correct you cannot register ca any one send me the right answers at:
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    Piyush Singh's Avatar ImPoster BT Rep: +1
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    The site seems to be down currently.

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    a quiz? wtf kind if sign up is that
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