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Thread: This Can't Be Right..

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    i dont know where to post this but mods feel free to move it

    i am using a 512k adsl connection and when downloading with overnet the top download speed i have ever had is 22kb/s omg!!! is there something up with my preferences am i setting it up wrong?

    i am currently trying to download diablo 2 lords of destruction which i got off
    and i have just checked on my speed once again and its now 0.5 kb/s

    wot is wrong with it???

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    please anyone help me

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    ok i just tried emule plus to
    and that is damm rite slow
    i presume emule has ques


    what speeds do you people normally get?

    ad which is best emule plus r emule

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    You will find Overnet/Emule and the like can be very slow, this is because of ques.

    In ON, if you limit your amount of uploads and/or upload speed, your download speed will decrease.


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