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Thread: Musicians... What Equipment Do You Use?

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    since people post stats about their pc hardware all the time... i thought i should start a thread about instrument hardware!

    i'm a drummer, and i use Taye drums (in my opinion they're the best... top notch sound, hardware, all around quality, at way lower prices than other companies.)

    i have a Taye ProX kit, in slate grey, and here are some specs:
    20" bass
    14" snare
    12" rack tom
    16" floor tom
    I have all Taye hardware (strong, studry, yet easy to configure)
    my cymbals include:
    20" Taye ride
    18" Taye crash
    16" Taye crash
    15(.5? not sure right now)" Taye highhats
    12" Sabian AAX splash
    I've had my kit for less than a year, I got a great deal on it from a local music store... practically a steal, and i'm impressed by the quality ever time i play it. The cymbals are fairly good, much better than Sabians b8s, but not as good as AAX... probably around AA sound.

    I use a variety of sticks... i'm using two pairs these days, Ziljdin 5Bs with plasitc tips, and Vic Furth American classic 7As with wooden heads.
    my hardware is in Tayes middle line, but my kick is the cheapy one. i'm buying the double kick within the next month.

    I'm interested to see if there are more drummers on this board, and what they use... since i love talking about drum related things.

    for those who want to visit the taye website... its really easy to remember as it is


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    are there no musicians here?

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    Oh yes, there is a lot of players around. B)
    Do little searching and you'll find some threads...
    If you dont find any, check my user info and go for my posts, im too tired to
    list my gear now , have done it on the other topics.

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    nobody else?

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    there are tons, im sure but most are probably too lazy to post..or not here

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    Tons of muzos on here m8,
    I use a Status Energy Headless Bass,
    and a Trace Elliot 4x10 Combo and Zoom 3000B Effects.
    Also got an old Kramer that comes out in emergencies.

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    Ovation Magnum active 18 volt three band EQ bass from the late 70's
    Old Peavey T-40 Bass
    Dean 4 Fretless
    Yamaha Myung series 5 string
    An old mutt I made out of parts when I was 16

    Peavey Mark 8 head
    Sonic 4X10 cab
    Genz Benz 2X15 cab
    Bass Pod Pro



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