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Thread: Window runs better on mac hardware then OSX

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    PLASTIC MOLD FIRM Apple, might be finding out that the problem with having a dual boot alongside Windows is that users can compare both operating systems better.

    According to Penny Arcade, the introduction of Boot Camp makes it a lot easier to benchmark what the two operating systems can do.

    One of its hacks installed Boot Camp onto his MacBook, installed Windows and then World of Warcraft. To test how the two operating systems compared he ran WoW at 1440 x 900 with all the graphic settings on maximum.

    It was barely playable of course but he managed to get a frame rate reading of 15 and 20 FPS under Mac OX.

    On the same lap top under Windows and the same settings he managed to get between 35 and 40 FPS. This is a pretty big difference.

    The reviewer said that he preferred using OS X, but it was a little difficult to justify when a game runs twice as fast under Windows.

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    Weeell its been said that gamers rule the computer world , but thats too funny !

    In a perfect world we would all have macs and use windows to play games ? Something wrong there no ?
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    This is a ridiculously old topic, but I never noticed it before.
    And in any case, it's still on page 1 here in the Mac section, haha.

    I would just like to point out that the reason GAMES run better in XP/Vista than OSX is because all Mac games are ports of the Windows games.
    The games are made for Windows so they're obviously gonna run better in Windows.
    In some games cases, they're not even ported to Mac - they're emulated under Wine. They do not run natively in OSX - another reason why games run poorly.
    Spore is one example - it was just released and will not work with Intel GMA 950 on OSX (Older Macbooks, and Mac Minis have this.) However these same computers can run the Windows version via BootCamp without any problems.

    If we talk about apps/(the very few) games made for Mac - Apple's very own, and many of the 3rd party - they run just perfect under OSX.

    Now if we really want to get into specifics, I believe at one time the Macbook Pro ran Vista faster/more efficiently than any other laptop on the market. It has since been passed up by another, but just wait till the new Macbook line comes out this year.

    So maybe Windows runs games better than in OSX, but a Mac computer runs Windows better than your Dell/HP/Toshiba/Sony/etc computer.

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    the idea of the article is right but regardless it is still a lie. the article implies macbooks suck at playing games and get ridiculously low framerate which is hilarious. i play crysis fine ffs. not only that but it states the max resolution at 1440x900 which is not true. macbooks max rez is lower than that.

    sure porting programs from one OS to another is usually going to lower speed (frame rate for games) and this is true but it doesn't make this article true. it turns out that using wine for a lot of games on OSX tends to get a slightly higher frame rate than windows XP. of course, this is rarer, but it still happens.

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    grindsofine; World of Warcraft is coded natively for macosx, it's one of the very few games that is made so. Blizzard has done this since forever.

    Also, I find this article hard to believe, I always had the impression that running WoW on my mac partition was faster than on my Boot Camp partition. Not mentioning that under Boot Camp the fan runs like it's going to have a heart attack.


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