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Thread: File Extentions

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    i need to change the file extention on the windows xp i downloaded, i need it to be .iso but it is .exe so how would i change that?

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    Here you go:

    Originally posted by Tip By: The_Great_Dude
    Go to the folder you have your file,
    then click on Tools at the top, go down to Folder Options, then click on View tab,
    scroll down and uncheck the box that says "hide file extensions for known file types",
    click OK, go back to your iso file, right click, rename, then delete the extension .exe replace with .iso.
    Now it should show up.  B)

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    so i changed the extention to .iso and a message poped up sayin "if u change the extention, the program mayb become unstable' so i pressed 'ok' and instead of the auto extract button there is the icon that when u double click it it lets u choose wat program to use? is that wat is supposed to happen?

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    you burn the .iso file now, iso stands for image source , its a direct copy of whatever the name is


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