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Thread: Microsoft probes Outlook Express patch trouble

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    [news=]Does bad luck indeed come in threes? A Microsoft security fix for Outlook Express could be the third of last week's patches to cause trouble for some users.

    Microsoft has received some reports of trouble with the update, a company representative said Thursday. Microsoft had already acknowledged that two of the other five updates it released on "Patch Tuesday" last week can, in some cases, cause problems for users.

    Microsoft is still investigating the issues related to the Outlook Express patch. "Nothing is confirmed yet," the representative said in an e-mailed statement.


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    Well my OE had a bit of a crash and when I had no other way to resolve it I went to a bakup image of the os from a month prior. All was fine at that point of course though just hours later after accepting an update it reacurred again...

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    Microsoft to fix Windows patch .

    Microsoft on Tuesday plans to release a new version of a "critical" security patch for Windows to repair problems some people had with the first version of the fix.

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    Well I used a Ghost to go back before the update and all is fine until I install this

    Size: 411 KB - 1.5 MB

    A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to remotely compromise your Windows-based system using Outlook Express and gain control over it. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

    More information for this update can be found at
    When installed Outlook crashes. Seems there was suppose to be a patch for the Outlook issue with corrupted Address Book around a week ago. Ive just run a backup image today and tried to take the update and seems the faulty update is still there now weeks later with no patch that Ive seen yet. As to why this even remains online is confusing.

    The security hole as I understand it allowing a system to be compromised is created if you were to use someones Address Book with code in it that could take control of you system. Cant imagine why someone would import anyones wab file they dont know. Almost seems not closing the hole would be better than rendering Outlook near useless for some who take the patch. Of course an update that dosent corrupt that which its trying patch would make the most sense...

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    I have this update and I haven't had a problem.

    Oh, wait....I don't use Outlook Express....I use Outlook....
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