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Thread: weird xpdvd file

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    k, i downloaded this movie from newsgroups, and usually the movies are in rars, and when extracted, become an iso, or vob files, or an img.... or whatever.

    but i got this xpdvd one, and i extracted it, and i got a file that is 4 gigs, but when i extracted it, the file has no extension, its not an iso, or anything. i dont want to waste a disc trying to burn it on regular data format.

    windows just says its a "file" .... thats all...

    do i need a different program to burn it? can i use nero?

    please what should i doo???

    thank you!!!

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    XPDVD is a scenerelease group so i don't think that it's the file extention...

    change your windows settings that it shows all file extensions

    [# Open My Computer, and select Folder Options from the Tools menu
    # On the View tab, uncheck the box next to Hide file extensions for known file types.]

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    i tried that, but windows still just says its a "file"

    should i try burning it in nero as a udf file?

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    anyone please?

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    See if you can do a "simulation"burn in Nero...if you can't afford to waste a disc..

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    bump - anyone figured this out? same problem. here's some more detail. from an xpdvb usenet d/l I get files named like xpdvd-blackbeard-ntsc-dvdr.023. no rar or zip extensions, just numerical, .001 - .084. quickpar says everything is A ok

    from the d/l files, winzip/rar etc won't recognize and there's no ending file to right click on (not a newb so it not show file extensions or right click to unrar). newsbin's autorar will join it into "xpdvd-blackbeard-ntsc-dvdr" - no extension, 4.5 G. tried naming to .img, nothing. drag and drop into videolan and it plays. stream info shows mpgv & a!

    maybe rename to .mpg and convert (ie procoder)? might try that but xpdvd releases a lot of stuff, and i'ts released as a dvd so its not logical that they make you do a 4 hour procoder conversion - there's got to be a simple way to do this! Googling this shows lots of peeps with the same problem, but can't find the solution - anyone know how to get xpdvd's extensionless stuff onto a dvd?!
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    its a rar
    open with win rar
    `anyone from Argentina on this board?

    I need your help and if you can help me pM me

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    right clicked first number file, forced it to use winrar and away it went - thanks man, knew there was something simple i was missing!


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