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Thread: ratDVD torrents :(

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    Aug 2005
    I've heard of rattorrent, but it was taken off a long time back..
    Then I found out pcttracker or pctorrent was one great source for ratDVDs(though the site was in annoying spanish, english ratdvds were easier to find) ..
    Now i find pcttracker to be down..
    Any other good ratdvd sites around??
    Really miss 'em!

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    Feb 2003
    Quality of ratDVDs isn't good. just download 1 or 2 GB more for a scenerelease.

    check the sticky threads...

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    Thought ratdvd was gonna be adopted as a torrent standard for awhile, but didn't take off, probably due to the quality hit for the minor size savings. Not sure if I'm glad it's not caught on, but sure wish DVDRip SVCD would die horribly - what a waste of bandwidth when dvd and xvid are available.


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