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Thread: international travel with wireless connection vs. internet cafe

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    nternational travel with wireless connection vs. internet cafe

    I'm travelling and have had enough of internet cafes - I want to get wireless.

    I have a laptop (but not the wireless card or the service).

    My question is what is the best option for someone who travels regularly (from different cities in Asian countries and eventually the entire world (including Europe).

    At this point, I've been going to cafes and connecting my laptop to the shop's ADSL or cABLE INTERNET. I've caculated I spend roughly $1-2 every day in these cafes. Now, how much would wireless cost?

    Also, aside from cost - is wireless international or do I need to cancel my in-country service every time I move to a new country? I mean, how convinient is it to have wireless when travelling to different countries all the time?

    Case in point:
    Will my hardware (card) be comptabile with international wireless service? If I buy the card in Thailand (my current location) - Can i use wireless service in China later on.

    If you're travelling on wireless (and you understand where I'm going with this), please share your experiences.


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    yes, you should be able to connect anywhere were the wireless connection is open, airports, cafes, companies etc - in some cases you have to ask for the password.


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