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Thread: 3D Sound With Normal Speakers?

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    Hi all,

    I was at a mates house today and I seen he had 3D sound coming out of his normal speakers, the problem was he didn't tell me the software.

    What he had was some program that showed up in the system tray called

    "3D Surround Sound" or something similar.

    What it did was make all the sounds that the PC made sound like cinema sounds. - You get the idea..

    I.E Any songs that were playing, 3D and everytime someone signed in, 3D etc, etc..

    Now what I want to know is where can I download this software.

    If anyone knows, please post here,

    As the thanks I can give and invites..

    (Sorry if that is not allowed but I think thanks is just not enough)


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    Was it software included with the sound card or mobo drivers cd ? Or mabye a player like winamp .

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    hi there thanks yaro i really appriciated

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    3d sound from two speakers. maybe it was EAX or something. doesn't really do 3D that well, just handles effects on the sound. like games do virtual surround sound by modulating sounds behind your charactor to have the same properties a sound behind you in real life would have.

    this icon was probably just the official volume control, in my experience they just suck the balls. if you wanna try it out though, google your soundcard and check the official website for audio software

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    I'd be interested in this software also.


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