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Thread: DVD RW Discs

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    Ok. I burned a movie onto a DVD RW Disc using Nero.......played it in the Xbox and it played fine. I then put another movie on the same disc and played fine.......the third time i did this i put it in the Xbox and it didnt play.

    When burning the files in Nero, I got a message saying something about a multisession and after the second time, certain platforms wont be able to read the discs.

    Is there a way you can burn and reburn things on a DVD RW and still have it play in the Xbox?

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    Multisessions allow to burn files one day, and then burn files the next day on the same disk (without erasing).. However, like Nero said, only certain hardware can read multisessions.

    Another option you can take is, to totally erase whats on the disk and then reburn the files.. Look for that option in Nero (erase disk).
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    So I guess xbox cant read a disc after its been reburned?

    But if I erase whats on the disc before I put new things onto it, it will work?

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    also when it askes me for multisession do i just say no.

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    2,270 reports that rarely any xbox console will even read a DVD-RW. Just stick to DVD-r (not +r). The '-r' are more compatible all 3 of the xbox DVD drives. Maybe get some cheap media to cut down the cost of coasters.

    Even using cheap media you can yeild quality burns with a quality burning program. I would suggest using DVDDecrypter.


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