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Thread: Best Castlevania game?

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    Dracula X Rondo of Blood for PC Engine is the best. It never got released anyways, but japan. I know some out there love SOTN, While a good game is pretty much no different then Metroid.

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    exactly... sotn IS the BEST!!! it is castlevania and i do like that 2d metroid business too.

    GO SOTN!!!!
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    i've played (completed) a bunch of 2D castlevanias

    all 3 NES castlevanias
    all 3 GBA castlevanias

    but i reckon i am not qualified to comment until i've played rondo of blood and symphony of the night. oh and the new one on nintendo DS... i need to play that someday, too.

    i like the metroid-style castlevanias. but they've made five of them, now. might be time for a simpler approach, or a different approach anyway, before metroid-vania completely wears out its welcome. (for a definition of "wears out its welcome," see: just about everything capcom touches.)


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