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    Ok I have a Toshiba Tecra 8100 (laptop) , I have the cables and all to setup TV-Out, but the problem is that the resolution is messed up, on my laptop its set at 1024x768 but when its hooked up to TV I have to move mouse around to show more screen, I tried to change the resolution but it cropps videos badly. HELP!

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    Have you tried changing your resolution to 800x600 on your laptop then use the tvout?

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    yes, but when I do that the videos cropp badly

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    ok, Im thinking you have a Nvidia Graphics card and your using Nview?
    first off if you want to show all screen on the TV instead of it being cropped u need to first do SINGLE mode and set it to the TV
    after that you need to look at your TV and then do CLONE and you would be able to see everything.
    It matters on the sequence you do it.
    if you do CLONE while ur laptop is on its view and then do TV then it would crop ur TV
    u need to make sure the screen is on the TV(only on the TV) then do CLONE on the TV

    *your computers resolution might go up when doing this.

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    thankz for the info wolf, really works


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