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Thread: Inside the new Toshiba HD-DVD dr

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    Upon hearing rumors that Toshiba put a 2.5 GHz Pentium 4 CPU and a gig of PC2700 DDR RAM in their new $500 high definition set-top DVD player, I was intrigued. When I heard that they also put in a standard desktop HD-DVD reader, I had to buy one and see if these wild accusations were true. So I called around and found that just about the last one available in Phoenix was to be had at a Best Buy on the edge of town. $560 later it was mine, and on its way to the surgery table for close inspection.

    Link :

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    wow nice vid, def enjoyed watching it. really wished you had shown some of the actual player in use tho, the guts werent all that complex, although i did cringe when u picked up the whole mobo by the cpu's heatsink fan haha. still ashame the drive itself wasnt playable in current os's but no big shock there. look forward to updates

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    The actual drive is a format that fits into a PC case. The rest seems to be just a PC.

    I think I would prefer to have just the drive unit to install in my own PC.

    And it would be even better as a burner or Blu-ray burner instead of just a player.


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