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Thread: Stupid Question

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    im member of some private trackers and i want to know if i can be disabled for inactivity when i dont download/upload anything for some weeks or only when i dont reach the site for some weeks

    well, my english is pathetic, i hope you can understand what i wrote

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    check if on your profile page there is a box with park my account (or similar) next to it. there are some trackers which have this feature, and by ticking it you don't have to log in and it won't expire.

    hope it helped.

    EDIT: ugh, i havent read ur question careful enough, sorry...
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    Most trackers have it where it's from your last login. I don't know of any that penalize if you don't download or upload anything. Make sure you check the faq's for more details.

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    yeah most trackers have park in option or has certain limit b4 your account can be disabled. Read faq, it will help.

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    the only tracker I can think of off-hand that penalize for inactivity is araditracker


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