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Thread: chicken little

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    A 2nd grade teacher was reading Chicken Little to her class. She came to the part where Chicken Little warns the Farmer. She asked and who can tell me what the Farmer said?
    A little girl waves her hand in the air. The Teacher says “Yes, Tiffany, what did he say?”

    She said, “I think he said "Holy Shit a Talking Chicken!”
    What to give Grandad for his 90th birthday?
    Well, the family got together and decided to send over a hooker to give him the best sex he's had in years.

    She knocks on his door and when he answers she said "I'm here to give you super sex".

    He thinks for a second and replies, "I'll have the soup".
    Q : How do you find an old man in the dark ?

    A: It's not hard

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    good joke


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