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    Well Guys I know that seams weird but anything could come out of ya when you had a COUPLE of Flamming lamborghinies (it's the best srink ever, for the drinking impared ) ....
    Well Let me get into the point....
    I was wondering around the forums and an idea popped into my head:
    Why not start a whole new web site based movie/games/software verified hashes... I don't see why not shouldn't we.. all we need is a website, webmasters, a few people taking care of everything (administration verifiers etc. ) and some good connection which I guess everybody got today ...
    Well guys I can't wait till I hear what you have to say!

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    its a decent idea, but alot of work.

    1. is ok, but is only movies...
    2. is average, crappy lookin page, no xxx, and isnt as update as this forum
    3. the main sites verfieds are never updated.

    theres already talk about this here, verifieds database


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