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Thread: Please Share more 192 bit mp3s

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    Hi Guys

    Following on from TwistaX's poll on this forum it seems that many of us like to get our Mp3's at 192 bit.

    I used to like 128 as I felt it was good enough and quick to d/l and smaller to store. But I have now decided that 192 is defintely a much better sound. Also it seems that most (or all) of Itunes Mp3's are 192 bit.

    So I am trying to rip CD's to 192 and to try to d/l just 192 bits.

    However in actual practice (on Ares p2p at least) there is much more 128 bit and 192 is much harder to get.

    So I am asking you all if you could rip more 192 and share more 192 !

    What do you think ? I know many of you will say VBR or 320, but at least lets try for more 192 bit.



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    S!X's Avatar L33T Member BT Rep: +5
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    Jul 2003
    For me its VBR/FLAC or nothing

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    lee551's Avatar no soup for you! BT Rep: +5
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    Jan 2004
    vbr > 192 > 128

    i dont bother with flac.

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    Jun 2002
    Over here!
    I agree with you, digmen1.


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