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Thread: Longhorn Error

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    i have download longhorn4008m4 and same problem
    even worst my pc keep restarting
    error setup exe D:\main\base\ntsetup\uie\downlevel\module\panther.cpp:bstatus
    please help
    mobo msi k7n pro
    1800 xp athlon
    msi cdrw
    seagate 40gig

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    It's an Alpha, what did you expect?

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    got to agree with the above, alpha's are generally very buggy and a bit of a risk. when an os is involved, you just got to take your chances.
    the only advice i can give is to install a tested and proven os, like xp (which has a few less bugs than longhorn currently )

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    omg... another person who installed it as their primary os??? you must jest...

    i dont understand why people dont read up before doing such things... its silly.

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    doesn't sound like primary
    the error is in d drive, which suggests a partition for the longhorn installation
    still, very risky indeed


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