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Thread: using BitTorrent behind a proxy

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    so I am planning to upgrade to Cable Internet from dial-up and usually on cable net we connect to internet using some proxy. So I am curious about will my emule or bittorrent will work on it and if yes , how to configure them ?
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    Its depends on your cable operator. If they are blocking p2p, then definetly they will be using some firewall. Well you can connect to any network through proxy.

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    tum to apny paki brother ho na......... if i m not wrong..

    And, No, I think that cable operator is not blokcing p2p.
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    Another Paki here Some cable operators are blocking p2p.
    where you from? (nabeelisnabeel)

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    Lahore. and u ?

    and u did not answer ,my question.
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    i also think it depends on your cable connection

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    Issue is not just ISP allowing the protocol, but the site you want to participate allowing multiple users from the same IP (if your using a proxy which other people also use)...

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    so whats the solution herere
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    Jus test it like normal and if it doesnt work just switch ISP's. Its all trial and error.
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