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Thread: reducing the number of seeds i'm connected to

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    You could right click the torrent, go to 'torrent details,' select the peers tab and then the seed, then use 'kick and ban.' Repeat.

    Probably isn't what you are looking for though. Also, why do you want to limit the seeds?

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    I know it's possible with Utorrent

    Options -> preferences -> Torrents

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    Are you talking about while downloading or while seeding?

    Azureus has an option to disconnect all seeds while seeding (a check box in seeding options), as you don't need to connect to them at all. But I don't know about while downloading, as most want as many seeds as possible to improve download speeds.

    You can always do what I do and download stuffer extension for Azureus. I use it to kick/ban all bad clients (most private trackers have a list of blacklisted clients like bitcomet etc). That keeps all my connections to a minimum but I can still get great speeds on private trackers as most are using Azureus or uTorrent anyway which I don't kick/ban.


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