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Thread: Dididave punishes you for seeding!

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    This is a first for me. I joined less than 2 weeks ago. I had 2 torrents that I downloaded and was seeding for a few days after completion. They were at 1.0 and 1.3. I tried to download a torrent (not start it mind you, just download the torrent) and it wouldn't let me stating that I have too many active torrents! So I removed the 2 torrents that I was sharing and tried to download again and this time it let me do it.

    So much for trying to share! Diddave gives you like 4GB UL to start with so it wasn't a ration thing at all. In fact my ratio is 7.237. Go figure.

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    Some trackers have problems with users leeching too many files meaning their up speed isnt great, I don't blame them for capping how many active torrents people are allowed.

    Not sure how many slots you get if your a power user, I was one with a 10+ ratio but hadn't been active and logged in today and my account must have been deleted and now I can't signup again because they don't allow people to use free email providers.

    Not much going on there anyway, I'll just stick to ScT

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    For those who have a slow upload Dididave is a godsend as you get extra credit for the time you seed.

    Some of the sites give you nothing and new members have a 48 hour wait on any recent stuff, by which time most of the leechers are gone. Difficult to get a decent ratio.

    Dididave is very fair by comparison. Almost 800 torrents and all the scene stuff within hours. So there is plenty to chose from.

    By the way this is how their class system works:

    What are the different user classes?

    Peasant Users with a ratio below .30 & who downloaded more than 1 GB for 1 week (7 days) will be warned to correct their ratio. They wll be able to seed/leech 5 torrents. If they don't fix their ratio after 2 weeks they will be automatically demoted to peasant and limited to 2 torrents max. Peasants will have 2 weeks to increase their ratio or their account will be deleted.

    User The default class of new members. If you have downloaded less than a 1 GB you will only be able seed/leech 5 torrents at a time. After you have downloaded 1 GB and your ratio is above .3 you will be able to seed/leech 10 torrents at a time.
    Doesn't seem unfair to me.

    If you think you haven't been treated fairly then contact a mod.


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