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Thread: Getting Past My Firewall

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    Can anyone tell me how some people can get past my firewall please?

    Occasionally some-one manages to download a file when it's on yet other people I know have tested it for me from another machine and say they can't. Clearly some people know how to do this.

    I am running WIndows XP Home.

    Any info would be welcome.

    Thanks, Suzie

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    hi there !
    if your talking about MY SHARED FOLDER then your firewall has been set by default to allow K++ users past your firewall to share your files. apart from this no one should get past the firewall. (if that makes sense) if they do, get into the firewall settings and allow/dis-allow accordingly.

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    what firewall are you using?

    When you first use KaZaa with a firewall such s norton or zone alarm you will be asked wether you want to allow KaZaa to act as a server, you must of chosen yes (you need to for KaZaa to work, but don't worry its safe and won't allow hackers in) and on pc's where its blocked then the firewall is doing so from command.

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    Thank you for the replies.

    I guess the people that couln't see my files were using other versions of Kazaa.

    I won't worry then as long as my firewall is working. I don't mind sharing as long as my machine isn't vulnerable!

    Thanks again, Suzie


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