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Thread: Trade

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    I dont have access to the other section but i'e got stuff to offer so here it goes.

    PM ME!!!
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    u dont have access to the other section for a reason
    Asking for invites for private torrent websites is NOT allowed in the BitTorrent section.
    We have the 'BitTorrent Invites Section' for that.

    All requests made in the BitTorrent section will be removed.

    You will need 5 posts before you can request or share your invites.
    You need to be a member here for at least 30 days.
    Do not send Private Messages (PM) asking for invites.

    If we notice that you spammed your 5 posts your account will be disabled.

    For more rules about the 'BitTorrent Invites Section' check this thread.
    they dont want ppl joining here solely to ask for invites then leave. its for the forum community. become part of it, and post for the next month, then u can use it. this thread will get locked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0hn
    u dont have access to the other section for a reason


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