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Thread: website help?

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    I kno this isnt the right section but i dont know where to put it so sorry in advance... im trying to make a website for my dad because he is tryin to open a business. wht i want to kno is wht do i need in order to create a webpage, i kno tht i have to purchase a domain so wht do i do after tht, like do i use microsoft frontpage and then upload it on wht ever i need to? ive never made a site before so all the help i can get is greatly appeciated
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    Buy a domain, and hosting.
    With your hosting you will get a ftp login and pass, use a program like smart ftp to connect to it and you will be able to upload you webpage files there.

    To create a basic page you can use frontpage or better yet dreamweaver, or find a template online then edit that.

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    thanks but can you give me a good place to get hosting or are they all the same? thank you

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    Doesn't anyone look around before asking nowadays? Sheesh.

    Look here

    ... or here
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