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Thread: Clone Cd Image + Sub

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    ok had a search on the forum but couldnt find an answer to this.

    I have downloaded max payne clonecd image, it consists off a .cdd which i presume is the equilivant of a .cue, a.img = .bin, and a .sub.

    I havnt got clonecd but i burn all my images with alcohol120%, and there is an option to mount the .ccd so i guess you can burn it, i was just wondering if it will also incorperate the .sub as well or will it just burn the .img and leave the .sub alone, if so what does the .sub contain, anything important that needs to be burnt with the .ccd and the .img or is it just settings for clonecd.

    thatx for any help on this, i have nero, alcohol, i will get clonecd if this is the only way i can burn these files but all help and anything you would like to add on the above programs would be appreciated.

    thanx stoi

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    Well Stoi, as you know I do not game much, but in movie talk a sub is just the subtitles. Sounds like .sub in you lingo is a subcategory. Good luck in finding you answer.

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    subchannel data


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