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Thread: Worst Jobs Ever!

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    well i thought it would be interesting to see what eerie things people have had to do in their work place.

    i worked at a honey factory, where this lady was a complete BITCH, she thought she knew everything. and then my main boss, Arthur. he sed, when there is a bee in this room, just catch it in a jar, and let it go outside, this was because this room was where we packed the honey,(the main room i worked in) and one afternoon, this bitch was working in the same room, and what u know a bee comes in, so i grab an empty honey container, im walking around the room, trying to catch this bee, and the bitch leaves but comes back 20 seconds later with insect spray and sprays it all over the room until this bee falls dead, so im like "what the hell, that could get into the honey" and she says "well its quicker, and it doesnt waste as much time as the method you used" and so i started with what arthur told me, and she goes "shutup see your wasting time again, you wont last here very often." so i kept my mouth shut and a week later arthur walks in and says im fired i asked why and he said because i ´nfected the batch last week, somebody fell sick and complained to the store we sold the batch to, that bitch blamed me.

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    Jeeze.... she does sound like a bitch! Wern't there anyone else around at the time?

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    When I was 13, I pedalled my ass..................
 on an ice cream bike ( you were wondering there for a sec--I know it ! )
    Y'know the kind with the freezer box on the front ? Anyway, I had the worst route in the city---really rough neighborhood.
    Every weekend, a bunch of 17-19 year old ummm...gentlemen, in a beat up Chevy pickup used to chase me down looking to relieve me of the money belt that usually held about $200 after a decent day's work. I put that bike through hell, trying to escape the inevitable ass-kicking and humiliation of coming back to the load-up empty-handed !
    Got them back pretty good though.My buds and I set up a little sting one time and led these idiots right into a big junk-car lot where they proceeded to release their bowels while running from 4 very mean rotties. They even left their pickup behind. Don't know if they ever got it back...never saw them again.


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