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Thread: Big Prob with Usenet downloading...

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    I have been using Newsgroups for nearly a month and all has been fine.

    Few days ago, my downloads started acting weirdly. I turn my client (Newsleecher) on, and it goes as normal for a while and will download say 50MB files (parts of a whole) fine. Then for some reason, in suddenly starts downloading a small amount of each file (between 100kB and 200kB) and not completing the download. So after an hour, the film will be completely downloaded, but 95% or so of the RAR and PAR files will be vastly incomplete.

    SO far I have tried different clients (Grabit & Newsbin) and have tried a different Newsgroup provider. I have spoken to the online support who say all is fine from their end. I've tried formatting and reinstallation of Windows an everything.

    I am at a complete loss people, any ideas please???

    Thank you.

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    I get this. With newsbin just right click the file in your download list that didnt download completely and then click Retry download and it should complete the download. Thats what I do and it works for me.

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    What server are you using as it sounds like a retention issue.
    You may be trying to get something beyond the servers retention...

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    with newsbin pro i get the same prob sometimes due to using my isp when that does happen i just click retry download and sometyms it works

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    @ RealitY - Deffo not a retention issue as I have tried a few NZB's, all recent and the issues the same. Besides, I can restart it and skip the full files I have, but I am rarely at the PC to restart it and it makes the program buggy and the connections play up.

    I am trying Newsbin Pro at the mo and it seems to be going OK, I havent even had to try restarting them yet... yet lol.

    I'm with News Demon and I was narked with them cos I thought the prob was with them, turns out its not them and they have been very helpful to be fair, especially with their IM support from the site.

    Will keep all updated on this. If the restarting the articles works I'll be happy cos restarting the articles isnt too much of an issue. I would be interested why though if anyone knows.

    Thank you all.

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    Just wondering, if news demon any good? e.g do you max out your speed and what speed do you have?

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    All seems to be going good with Newsbin, the prob seems to have stopped which is odd but welcome. It seems to be running slower than Newsleecher but I did change the port number as a possible remedy to the above mentioned problem, so changing it back to the original may help.

    @torrentguy - News Demon seem to be pretty cool. In all honesty I havent much experience with any others but my speed maxes out in the middle of the night at about 225kBps which I thinks about right for a 2megabyte connection. During the day more usage is there and evening time the s*****g but reasonably fair (grudgingly admitted) Fair Usage Policy comes into play. There online help has been excellent and the price is good. And I havent yet had a retention issue in the month or so there.


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