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Thread: another johnny joke

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    The pretty secretary came in late for work the third day in a row. The boss called her into his office and said, "Now look Sharon, I know we had a wild fling for a while, but that's over. I expect you to conduct yourself like any other employee around here. The boss pressed on, " Who told you you could come and go as you please around here ?" Sharon simply smiled, lit up a cigarette, and while exhaling said,
    ..."My lawyer."

    A couple are reading the paper, the wife says: This article on overpopulation of the world says that somewhere in the world there is a woman having a baby every four seconds! Her husband not to appear uninterested said; I think they ought to find that woman and stop her!

    A young female teacher was giving her class of six year olds a quiz "behind my back I've got something red, round and you can eat it. what is it?" she asked. "An apple" replied little Raymond.
    "No," said the teacher ."it's a tomato but it shows your thinking."

    "I've now got something round, a greenish colored you can eat it." "An apple," replied little Ian.

    "No it's an onion, but it shows your thinking."

    Little scruffy Johnny at the back of the class says "I've got something under my desk that's an inch long, white and it has a red end."

    "Dirty little boy," said the teacher

    "No it's a match, but it shows you were thinking," he answered.

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    last one is old but still funny.


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