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    Hi folks, i am downloading a 2gb file, it has many seeds and many peers, but i only connect to the peers, why? i have no nat problem. all ports are open out-in. The tracker say ok. i have the smiling face)
    I use azureus (latest) and pccillin internetsecurity (latest.) i have configured azureus as told on azureus web site (best settings).
    Can anywone help.
    Thx in advanced.

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    i don't think it's a problem in azureus or the configuration.
    i don't know what's happening but i'm also downloading a torrent that has more than 1000+ seeders & 450+ peers & i'm downloading at 0.1-0.8 KB/s
    I think that a lot of people r fucking bitches & stop uploading after they finish downloading.....


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