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Thread: Why did disable my account?

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    I was running a tight ship, I had a ratio of 1.4, I had uploaded original torrents, I was using Azureus and I wouldn't know how to cheat even if I wanted to - but yet I went to log in the other day and I found my account disabled.

    I've tried to contact them through mIRC but the chat room is always empty. I can't find an email contact and I don't know anyone else with an account.

    Does anyone have any ideas what may have happened or what I should do?

    Thanks so much for any help.


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    If the room was empty on mIRC maybe your ip was banned. Try rolling your ip and log on with a different user.

    Be carefull though because as soon as you tell them you were banned, the flags all go up and you have about 2 minutes to make your case or they will ban you again.

    I guess the best is to go into the forum and ask who is the sysop and ask if you can go private with him to state your case. I wouldn't say anything about being banned in the public window coz some sysops like to re-ban without even giving you a chance to say what you want to say just to send a msg to others that you shouldn't even be there.

    Good luck. I can't contact them for you because I am looking for an invite myself.

    Oh yeah forgot to say that sometimes when they do maintenance some users get lost. Even VIPs who pay. You have to try to contact a sysop.
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