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Thread: can't open nzb can anyone help me

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    I am very new at this, I tried several times to download. Still with no luck. I downloaded foxfire, sage, and vlc media player..what am I doing wrong?
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    You need a program like GrabIt ( and access to newsgroups.

    Edit: This thread may be of use:
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    Thanks, I got grabit and have really tried to figure out what I am doing wrong by reading the guides, but I am still lost. I dl the nzb file and open the folder but it is text files. Do I need something else or am I doing something wrong.

    Thus far I have dl foxfire, sage, bittorrent, newzbin, vlc player, grabit

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    Who are you using for a newgroup provider this sounds like a retention issue. It might be nice if a moderator moved this to the newsgroups section as well. edit :never mind he posted in both sections
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    You need a proper newsgroup provider if you don't have one.Forget about asking about the free ones there not worth the effort,fork out the 14.95 and get newshosting from the banner above.Its really worth it.You may also want to try to update your group list in grabit(go to the all groups tab and select "refresh grouplist")The only time I had trouble with grabit this solved my problem.I had an older version at the time..

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    that is most likely your problem isp's traditionaly have offered really poor newsgroup support....Bad retention and most likely the groups you are looking for are not supported.Like I said if you want full newsgroup support get a proper provider your isp doesn't cut it...

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    Yes, when an article downloads in full, to a 0kB text file, the file is no longer on your usenet servers' retention.

    I second the question, who is your Usenet provider?

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    Dont think they carry binaries at all...


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