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Thread: How Do U Change A .exe Into A .iso

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    Hello, The other day i dled Moh: SpearHead and in the description it said i have to change the file into an .iso and then burn it but im not sure how to do this. I got WinXp and i tryed going into properties>program then there i change the name to Mohspearhead.exe to Mohspearhead.iso, But should i be able to click on it and it woulds go straight into my nero burning rom? Can u plz tell me how to properly change the .exe into a .iso.

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    Open up kazaa then clcik on 'my kazaa lite' (on the main toolbar by theater and web. ind you file in the list right clcik it and go on save as you will need to change the file name (ie orignally called mohspear.exe change this to mohs322pera.iso) you cant jsut change the extention dont no why but you need to make the file name different to the one u downloaded then you are done clcik save it will take a few min and you are ready to burn it

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    It sounds like you've already renamed it correctly. (Sometimes you can't rename a file if you have Kazaa running and someone else is trying to download it from you) Now you just have to run Nero, cancel the wizard, and click on 'File' and select 'Burn Image'. Then browse to your iso file.

    Or, you could use WinISO to extract the contents of your file into a temporary directory and just install the program from there. Then of course you'll probably need a No CD crack to play the game ( has them).

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    Tools --> Folder Options --> View Tab --> Unclick the "Hide extentions for known file types"

    Then rename Mohspearhead.exe to Mohspearhead.iso. You can just press F2 when the file is highlighted and you can rename. That will change the extention to iso.

    EDIT: When you rename the file it should prompt "If you change the file name extention, the file may become unstable". Just ignore that and press enter. It will be renamed.

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    ^^^ by far the easiest way. bout 2 seconds it takes.


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