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Thread: Movie Video And Audio Sync

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    i've got several movies that i've downloaded that the video and audio are out of sync. is there anything(fairly easy, hopefully) that i can do to fix these? they're avi's.

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    if they are out of sync all the way thru the file then use vdub to edit the file and interleave the file to get it back in sync...or if the files are progressivly going out of sync[i mean if it starts relativly insync but further thru the file it gets much worse]use Terabits AVI Info 1.2a[or newer version]to fix it..vdub isnt the easiest of programs to understand but im sure with time youll work it out but avi info is very easy to use but of course is only good if the file is progressivly out of sync....good luck

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    You should also try a different player other than WMP, such as Zoomplayer, BSPlayer, etc.

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    thank you guys very much. i tried the two players before attempting to alter the files. the zoomplayer didn't help the video/audio sync but the bsplayer sure did. thanks again!


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