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Thread: Equilibrium - What A Joke

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    man i just watched this movie last night because of all the buz on this board about it. and i am sorry but this movie was HORRIBLE. it was an ok idea but poorly made and laughable at parts. go ahead and watch it for yourself but i had to set the record straight because the hype for this movie in this forum was too high. i had even recomended it to ppl i know before i watched it because this board made me believe it was a great movie. now i have to hope they dont see it or else i will get my head chewed of for mentioning it.

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    got to agree with you here.
    this film is ocmplete, utter tat.
    it's basically a bad remake of 1984, if you've read the novel, don't see the film
    the action scenes are the only redeeming feature, but otherwise, it's absolute rubbish

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    bad film
    the gun kata (although an impossibility) was okay the first time... but since all action in the movie were based on that, it became pathetic


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