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    Can Any One Tell me What The Diferance between ZoomPlayer Standard Edition And Zoom Player Proffesional Also What Formats Can Boath Of them Play Doed zoom Player Play everything Like bs player does?

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    Hmm Cant tell you
    More Codecs thats it

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    Thanks Again Mait I Might Give Zoom Player Pro A try Now.

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    Besides, "Pro" sounds soooooo Cool!

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    Just thought i'd drop this in as your talking about ZoomPayer.

    Does anyone know why ANYTHING i try to play with ZoomPlayer becomes choppy and stutters along as if its playing frame by frame

    The weird thing is it used to work perfectly and now films etc are just un-watchable due to this

    Same movies etc work ok with WMP

    Could it be that ive changed a setting without realising??

    Any ideas?? as i have'nt a clue whats gone wrong.

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    Forget my last's working ok now,strange

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    I believe Pro plays DVD's and Standard doesn't.

    Of course I might be wrong.


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