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Thread: Found something cool you should know...

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    Dunno if this is common knowledge or not but I thought I should let you all know.

    Using Newsbin Pro with News Demon (Cant see this making a difference but hey), I used Azureus to download a couple of torrents and it slashed my Usenet speeds from 225kBps down to about 20.

    I'm not too upset about this but if anyones pulling out hair on getting slow downloads and are using azureus (or any other torrent client for all I know) this could well be the problem.

    Bye all.

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    limit your upload to 10 KB/s on azureus .. sometimes this help

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    Probably because of uploading in azureus, like riceboi said try limiting your up speed. I have to limit mine at 3KB/s otherwise I get 1KB/s down speeds.

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    yeah i get the same with utorrent. You are bascially saturating your upload which affects your download speeds.

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    limit ur torrent client to upload at say around 10kbs-20kbs dapending on how fast u want to download with newsgroups, i think i can get about 200kbs with 10kbs just under with 20kbs. i got a 2mb connection dunno if ur on same or not.

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    Find out what your actual dl/ul speeds are, only then can you determine what speed to put as u/l.
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    Uploading a torrent file while downloading from newsgroups is like paddling a canoe sideways up a raging river...good luck

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    Downloading from the newsgroups while uploading with bittorrent is something I all the time. I too struggled with the speed until it dawned on me that BOTH programs use a lot of overhead. Each program will use about 15% overhead while running, both up and down. So with that in mind, my 64K upload is limited to 50K upload with Azureus. This seems to be the point to which newsleecher has the upload it needs to reply back to the server and even leave me some room to surf with. If I go any higher both newsleecher and azureus come to a crawl.


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