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Thread: what would be the best file sharing program to use?

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    I have over 120 ps2(NTSC) games and am trying to find the best avenue to share these with someone or a group that has a large collection also

    -I use newgroups, but you take what they post

    -Bit torrent is too slow, although I've considered private trackers if anyone has any advice(can't get on to torrentleech)

    -DC++ is awesome for music, but lacks with ps2 games, cause the selection seems low and people go off line and can't get files, etc.

    So I guess what I'm asking is, what is the best/quickest/largest selection application to use to share games and is there anyone out there that has a large collection of ps2 games that would want to share these and begin communicating either on DC++ or Hamnchi or whatever??

    just asking

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    Bittorrent is not slow, u need to be a member in a good sites to download very very fast!
    ny pick is bittorrent

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    yeah thats true bittorrent is the perfect prog. to download big things fast

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    any good private trackers with lots of ps2 games that is open to new reg? Torrent leech is closed, the others didn't seem like they had a lot. Blackcat games?

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    In my experience i would have to say kazaa lite or diet kazaa

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    O yea wait ther was sumthin else if u download kazaa mate you like automatically get the best rating and ur download speeds go faster

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    You can post on newsgroups, not just download.

    Emule and Bittorrent are great options too (yeah, they are fast)
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    Bittorrent is THE network...great payment.

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    regardless what file sharing method you choose, the speed is going to be dependent on your upload rate. Whatever method you choose congrats for sharing.

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    I have tested emule and bittorrent.
    I found bittorrent is the best for me.


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