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Thread: Msn Together With Kazaa

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    I've got a weird problem here. when I'm using kazaa I cannot open msn messenger (if you know this program) that is weird because I can open and do everything else except open msn.

    do any of you have an answer to this?

    thx in advance

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    you have 56k don't you?

    I had the same problem and found that KaZaa was using all my bandwidth and msn gives up "singing in" after a few seconds.

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    Hmm i would just try restarting your comp

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    no I'm not 56k but cable and restarting my computer has nothing do do with it because I have this problem for 2 weeks. so bandwith cannot be the problem here since it is cable, is it? do any of you have other suggestions?

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    It's normal, I guess Kazaa used up all your bandwidth available to do anything else online. It's like taking a minute or so to view a webpage when you can do so at only 10 seconds with kazaa switched off.
    All you have to do is log out of kazaa, remember to close it entirely, even on your taskbar. Then log in MSN then sign in Kazaa again. But occasionally, you will get disconnected from your MSN service too.

    It's all about your speed connection/bandwidth.

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    he said hes on cable
    my msn is fine
    even with max up and down


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